In the world of wine, there are a few types that will instantly set even the most hardened wine geek's face aglow. Wines that we drink to remind ourselves why we fell in love with wine in the first place. Wines that will turn even the dreariest of meals into a sumptuous feast. Wines that border on the sublime. Vouvray is one of those wines.

Vouvray is a region in the Loire Valley, home to such other bottled treasures as Sancerre, Muscadet and Chinon. Vouvray is made from the grape Chenin Blanc, a grape that is grown elsewhere in the world but never to the same level of success. They try in Australia, in New Zealand and, most notably, in South Africa. The Chenin Blanc produced in these areas can be nice, but they never quite match what is done in the Loire. Vouvray is a wine that can be bone-dry or dessert-sweet and everything in between; it even comes in a delightful bubbly version...

Catherine Dhoye-Deruet is the owner of Domaine de La Fonatainerie and her family has been growing Chenin Blanc in Vouvray since 1712. It is a small winery, where the grapes are still harvested by hand and aged in the old cellars carved in limestone cliffs. The 2005 Domaine de La Fontainerie Sec is an almost indescribably delicious wine. It's one of those wines whose nose alone could satisfy you. The opulent bouquet is rich with honey, apricots and white flowers. On the palate the wine is medium in body, and beautifully silky with creamy stone fruit. The finish is long with just a little touch of lip-smacking sweetness and trademark Loire minerality. A gorgeous wine.