Some wines will only truly shine in the right context. They need the right setting or the right food (or the right music) to truly bring out their greatness. If you were to try one of these wines at a bar or a party you might find it off-putting. They are not casual drinking wines; they are wines with a purpose. They are wines that were put on this earth to enhance, to selflessly fade to the background while bringing out the best in something else. Txakoli is one of these wines.

Txakoli comes from the Basque country of Spain. There it is an everyday wine, drunk young and as an aperitif. Similar to a Vinho Verde, it is an almost green wine that is lower in alcohol than a typical table wine. We don’t see a lot of it in the U.S. and when you do find it in a store it tends to be in the $18 and up price range. Because it is a very dry, crisp, almost briny wine it is one of the best seafood wines in existence. I dream about drinking Txakoli and eating oysters.

Talai Berri is a winery located in the Getariako Txakolina DOC in north-eastern Spain. It is a family run winery in its fifth-generation producing local wines from indigenous grapes. This Txakoli is made from the two local grapes Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza. The wine is slightly effervescent with a bouquet of sea-air and soft lemon. On the palate it is tart with bright citrus notes, green apple and an underlying saltiness. The finish is all minerals and crisp acidity. It is a wine that is best enjoyed with oysters somewhere overlooking the water while listening to The Clientele.