Labor Day seems to be as American as a holiday can get, but in fact it began in Canada after a series of labor disputes. We didn't pick up the idea until 1882. Now some 127 odd years later, Labor Day has become like so many other holidays in this great country. It is not a time of remembrance or religious celebration, nor is it a time to be thankful for the bounty that the gods have seen fit to bestow upon us. It is a time to eat (preferably bbq), party (preferably on a beach) and drink (preferably a lot).

Even though I may know more about the world of alcohol than most people, I can still be cynical. I feel like there will come a time when I have tried it all. Even now sometimes I feel like I have tried all the wines, I've drunk all the beers and I've had just about every cocktail known to man (I've even invented a few.) So you can imagine my absolute delight when one day last month while spending some time in the great state of North Cackalacky, I was offered a drink I had never tasted. Sure I had heard of Sweet Tea flavored vodka when I had worked in the liquor business, but as I wasn't a fan of sweet tea, I had never tried it. On that sweltering hot and humid day in Chapel Hill, a cocktail consisting of lemonade and this flavored vodka, seemed like it might just be a little slice of heaven. And it was.

Jeremiah Weed is an actual living man, according to the website. An enigmatic recluse living in the mountains of Kentucky. His products include bourbon and the wonderful Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka. The only way I have had the pleasure of drinking this stuff is mixed with a bit of lemonade. It becomes a cocktail that doesn't taste like a cocktail at all, but like a cool, refreshing glass of sweet tea. In fact, it may just be the most refreshing American-made cocktail in existence today. It is perfect on a hot summer's day, perfect at a party and really the perfect thing to enjoy while celebrating America and our labors. I myself plan on celebrating the labors of a Mr. Jeremiah Weed.