VINE-YL is dedicated to promoting and preserving the visceral experience vinyl LP format, musically and socially.

All of the music we feature here comes straight from our own record collection, and much of it is still unavailable in mp3 or even CD's. If certain songs are available, they are usually packaged in re-issued comps or "greatest hits" albums, or other contexts in which their creators never meant for you to hear them (usually at unacceptably low compression rates).

Such a wealth of amazing sounds are out there, forgotten and neglected in dusty crates, waiting to be discovered, enjoyed and shared. And finding it is most of the fun.

We encourage you to seek out and support great record stores in your area or online to purchase the original LPs for yourself to start or expand your own vinyl collection. Here's some info to get you rolling:

Great albums can be found online for reasonable costs from Ebay, GEMM or their affiliated online merchants. I have ordered many hard to find albums via GEMM, several from international sellers, and have not once been dissatisfied. But there is nothing like the thrill of digging through stacks at a venerable old music shop and digging holding the record you've been searching for right there in your dirty little fingers. Here are some places I've made great finds:

The mecca. Where I got started collecting. Chad is a music lover par excellence who gives his heart and soul to seeking out incredibly cool, unheard of stuff from across the Southeast. Excellent for country, bluegrass, rockabilly, funk and soul, disco, soundtracks; 70s prog and, of course, Southern rock.

CHAD'S RECORDS, Chattanooga, TN

RECORD SURPLUS, Los Angeles, CA (their bi-annual sale is legendary)

AMOEBA MUSIC, Los Angeles, CA (like shooting fish in a barrel, but they have something cool every single time you go...)

OUT OF THE CLOSET, Los Angeles area, CA (not your average picked-over Goodwill crap. They periodically get in whole collections that will blow you away. Do not underestimate.)

101 MUSIC, San Francisco, CA (Grant St location-- excellent jazz)

AQUARIUS RECORDS, San Francisco, CA (new and re-issues only, but crazy, interesting stuff unavailable elsewhere.)


A-ONE RECORD SHOP, New York, NY (Good source for rap, reggae, and soul, and the owner is a Laker fan.)

NUGGETS, Boston, MA (bought my first record here, long before I started collecting. Kristofferson by Kristofferson. Later on they re-released it as Me and Bobby McGee, after Janis made it famous.)

HOLY COW RECORDS, Seattle, WA (found an original David Axelrod Songs of Innocence here. Pricey, but worth it.)



TONEVENDOR, Gainesville, FL (ordered Person Pitch online when no one else had it anymore and was very happy)


COPA MUSIC, Paris, FRANCE (mostly jazz and soul in a small shop at a very lively and cool marche. I found a Gabor Szabo record I'd been looking for.)

CONCERTO, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS (saw Syd Barrett's Madcap Laughs there and I regret not buying it. When do you see that in a shop?)

HOTWAX MUSIC, Brake, GERMANY (don't know where the hell Brake is in Germany, but they had an 80s new wave record I've only seen one other place ever. That guy wouldn't sell it to me so I bought it here online.)

SONIC BOOM, Athens, GREECE (was nervous as hell thinking this would come sometime in Obama's second administration... but simple as pie.)