When you're young the end of summer is a dismal time; the beginning of school, the start of cooler weather, the realization that another year has come and gone in your life. Even now, in my thirties, I can help but feel a little bit of angst; that overly-dramatic and poetic Smashing Pumpkins-type angst that drove me through my teen years. The end of pool parties, the shortening of days, the onset of that wonderfully dreary time of year known as Autumn- September can be a difficult month. Well, here's to holding on to that last bit of summer with a cold, steel grip (just with one hand though, you'll need the other one to hold your glass.)

I can't really think of a time of year when I wouldn't want to drink Rueda. It has the crisp, citrusy refreshment of a Spring and Summer wine along with the grassy, herby notes and weight of a Fall and Winter wine. It's a wine of all seasons, if you will. A wine to help you squeeze out those last few lingering days of Summer while ushering in the first few days of rapidly approaching Fall. Rueda is a region in the center of Spain, known for its whites, though they do make some reds from Tempranillo. Their whites will sometimes have a bit of Sauvignon Blanc in the mix, but they are mostly made from Verdejo and Viura, two lovely little Spanish grapes.

Bodegas Hermanos Villar, was created by, you guessed it, the Villar brothers in 1995. They have a couple hundred acres of vines in the town of Rueda, growing all of the varietals I mentioned above. They make a relatively small amount of wine, just 5000 cases of the Ipsum. They also happen to know that a great label never hurts, which is an idea that the Spanish seem to have mastered better than say, the French. The 2008 Ipsum is a blend of 60% Verdejo and 40% Viura and runs around $12. The wine is a beautiful golden color with notes of grapefruit and grass on the nose. The palate continues with lemony citrus and herbs and a really lovely, silky mouthfeel. The wine manages to have weight but remain crisp and refreshing. A glass or two of this wine will help you forget all about the end of Summer and have you looking forward to the wine drinking days of Autumn ahead.