Maybe because Spring is around the corner or maybe because it's April Fool's, but this week we bring you a white wine... Made from Pinot Noir. Not the most unusual thing ever, but still pretty unique. Red wine actually gets its color from contact with the grape skins after crushing. So, to make a white from red, you just draw off the juice before it can take on any color. This is the same process used in Champagne, where white sparklers are made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meuniere (another red grape) as well as Chardonnay.

Vercesi Dell Castellazzo has been making wine since the 16th century. They are located in an area known as Oltrepo Pavese which is north of Milan in the region of Lombardia. This area produces many different wines, from light whites to hardy reds, but few are well known. Vercesi Dell Castellazzo is one of the most exciting producers in the region. In addition to the Gugiarolo, they also make one of my favorite wines ever, Pezzalunga a blend of Bonarda, Pinot Noir and Barbara (among other grapes.)

The Gugiarolo is a truly fascinating wine that could seduce even the most die-hard red-wine-only-drinkers. The nose begins with white flowers and tart unripe peach. As it opens up it reveals notes of lanolin and soft apricot fruit. On the palate the wine has weight and structure with subdued spicy stone fruit and pronounced minerality. This wine is very dry and rich but in an indescribable, almost masculine way. Its a man's white. A white for grilling out seafood or chicken or for eating heavy pasta dishes with cream. This is a great wine to kick off the beginning of Spring and the start of the white wine-drinking season.