Derek and I have been working on this website for a while now. For 9 months we've argued over pairings, spent Wednesday nights in and tried to put out the best website we could every week. It hasn't been all work, of course, when the work involves listening to music and drinking it's hard to complain. But we do feel that it is our responsibility to do it every week without fail, even if no one sees it. We hope there are some people out there who enjoy it, but we really do it because we love it.

We tell a lot of people about the site; people we meet in our travels, friends, family. Most people seem to understand it or at least to like the idea. They understand that it's just a fun, different way to talk about wine. But, some people don't understand. They think we're weird, or crazy, or wasting our time. And that's okay, too. Again, we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't love it. We do it for ourselves and the few people out there that may get some enjoyment from it, too.

A few months ago I received an email from my friend Mike from Napa. He and his wife Mary Ellen and their friends Sandy and Lance (a winemaker in Sonoma) were in Argentina. Mike was just filling me in on their trip and the wines they were drinking. I replied and asked him which wines he liked best and told him we would review one on our site. Mike's reply is really the reason that we continue on our quest to pair bottles and records. He wrote back to tell me that they really liked some of the Malbecs they drank. He said that, oddly enough, when they returned to their hotel room with a few bottles, they felt extremely compelled to listen to “powerful, raw and emotive blues” from the 60's like Procol Harum or The Rolling Stones. This is why we continue with the site. That's what it's all about; these moments.

This 2007 Gouguenheim Malbec was not one of the ones they mentioned from that night, but it will do fine. It has all the classic flavors and profiles of those great Argentinian reds. Gouguenheim is located in Mendoza, the region of Argentina where Malbec really flourishes. The wine itself is an inky purple color. The nose is beautiful and dark, with plummy fruit and smoky notes. On the palate the red berry fruit comes forward and dominates this medium bodied wine. The finish has an awesome black peppery meatiness. A dark smoky wine for a dark smoky album.