Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, making it difficult for 9 to 5er's to really tie one on, so-to-speak. And, even if you don't have a regular job, maybe you're just sick of green beer. Maybe you're sick of Guinness, too, and not quite sure whether your Irish ancestors would prefer that you drink Jameson's or Bushmill's.

Well, we here at VINE-YL would like to offer you an alternative to the usual suspects this Saint Patrick's Day. May we present: Vinho Verde, otherwise known as “Green Wine.” While Vinho Verde doesn't actually look green, it can have a bit of a green tint to it.

The wine comes from Portugal, from a region that bears the same name. It is normally a bit lower in alcohol than your average wine, making it an easy drink, especially on a week night. The Casal Garcia is one I've always enjoyed and one that is easier to find. An incredibly crisp wine, it has light peach and lemony fruit with a bit of effervescence. It's really about as refreshing as you can get with a lip-smacking minerally finish.

So, this Saint Paddy's Day be different. Don't get hammered on green beer; get pleasantly buzzed off green wine, and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work the next morning!