Around this time last summer I had the distinct pleasure of losing my job. Shocking, yes, but considering the fact that I loathed every moment that I worked there, really not such a bad thing. I had just returned home from two weeks in Europe and would now get the opportunity to hop on a plane and head back. My brother was taking his family--including a 3 week-old newborn--to Provence for a month and asked if I would like to come along to help out with the kids. Having no other prospects and a nice little severance check, I jumped at the chance. Off I went to spend August in an apartment on a hill above Aix-en-Provence. During the summer, in the main square of Aix, there is a farmer's market every morning. The most amazing fruit, vegetables, bread, fish, honey, olives, cheese, etc, etc, etc, one beautifully scenic walk away, EVERY MORNING. I baked quiches everyday, fed my brother and his family on the best France had to offer and drank rosé non-stop for 2 weeks. It was the perfect way to get over the let down of losing a steady job during what was shaping up to be a huge recession.

This summer, I am not in France and I have not been anywhere near Europe. I am in Los Angeles, and I am trying to make the best of it. The summer began with so much promise and has oddly turned a bit dismal. There are still no jobs, California is in the middle of a serious budget crisis and to top it all off, everyone seems to be dying. How can you try and enjoy your summer under these circumstances, when you're broke and stuck in the same old city? No trips planned, no sunny Mediterranean vacation in sight? Well, my tried and true method is to wait until the sun gets a bit low, put on a reliable record of happy, summertime music and open up a bottle of rosé. Sure, it's no trip to Provence, but it'll have to do for now.

Domaine de Cantarelles is located in the Vins du Pays du Gard appellation of France, just south of Nimes. Owned and run by Jean-Francois Fayel, the Domaine is well known for producing quality reds, and this rosé is a new edition to their line-up. A blend of 70% Cabernet Franc, 25% Syrah and 5% Grenache, it is a big rosé, with a dark, rich pink color. The nose of the 2008 Rosé de Fayel is extremely floral, with underlying notes of wild brambly strawberry fruit. On the palate it is smokey with soft red fruit and the darnedest watermelon flavors. The finish is long and spicy and delicious. This is a rosé that can stand up to rich garlic-y dishes and grilled light meats. It is also a wine that can help you forget the fact that you're stuck at home and that things aren't going exactly how you might want them to. At least for an evening.