I know, I know another Italian wine. I can't help it, Italy is that awesome. And, this is not just some boring old Italian red wine, this is Lambrusco. This is a sparkling red wine... That's right, a bubbly red. For those times when you want a good solid red wine, but you want it fizzy and you want to drink it cold. When you don't want some uptight sparkling wine, you want a sparkling wine that you can drink with pizza. Lambrusco almost demands that you have it with pizza, it's an absolutely perfect pair. But Lambrusco is also great with pastas and cheeses and anything Italian and heavy that you want to lighten up a bit. Is this the perfect wine, you ask? Maybe.

Lambrusco is made in the region of Emilia Romagna. A region known for its food more than anything else. In fact this is the region where the infamous town of Bologna is located. Yes, this is the place that gave birth to Mortadella Bologna and Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano. So you may think that the folks of Emilia Romagna have been too busy creating some of the most beloved cured meats and cheeses in the world to worry about making great wine. But they do make wine, several in fact. Most of it stays in the region to help the locals wash down all their heavenly food. There is only one real star of the Emilia Romagna wine region and that's Lambrusco.


Unfortunately most people don't think of Lambrusco as a “star.” There are some bad ones out there for sure. Many people think Lambrusco is sweet, which is not always the case, we can blame “Riunite” for that. There is sweet Lambrusco but there are also semi-sweet and very dry versions. As always, ask your local wine merchant to make sure you are getting the one you want.

The color of the Ermete Medici “Concerto” is a deep purpley ruby red. The nose on the wine is deceptively sweet- all candied, lush red fruit like pomegranate and strawberry with a hint of plum. The first sip of this wine has a tiny bit of residual sugar on the front palate, but as quickly as you taste it, it disappears. As the wine opens up it becomes more and more dry. It is remarkably refreshing, cool and bubbly. It is almost like the red wine version of soda pop. Yup, it's awesome.

So a whimsical ruby red bubbly wine, for a bubbly and whimsical album called “Rubies.” It seemed obvious to us.