I was first introduced to this wine by my mentor, Andy Pates. He sent me an email after tasting it proclaiming that it would be the next big thing. He said that if I sold it in my store in Brooklyn, it would certainly end up in a hip-hop song. The name certainly rolls off of the tongue, “BEEG-AH-ROW,” and our store was in a neighborhood where you were likely to see Mos Def, Common and Erykah Badu hanging about. Who knows if it ever reached that level of infamy, but it did become a wine that our customers asked for by name. We sold the dickens out of this relatively obscure bubbly rose, and did our part to introduce it to the masses.

After all, what is there not to love in this beautiful wine? When I saw it at what is definitely my favorite new wine store in L.A. (Domaine LA) I lit up immediately. Not only had I never seen it on the West Coast, I hadn't seen a bottle of the wine in years. Elio Perrone, the race car driver turned wine producer, make's minimal amounts of the stuff. Only those in the know stock it, and it doesn't last long. There is just something special about it- to quote Robert Parker, the wine is “beguiling.”

So, it is of course the perfect wine to pair for our Valentine's Day post. Perrone is another Rock Star winemaker out of Piedmont, Italy, discovered by The Rare Wine Company for his amazing Moscatos. Bigaro was an experiment of his that certainly paid off. A blend of Moscato and Brachetto (the grape used in... well, Brachetto-- another awesome Piedmontese sparkler) the wine is an almost obscene purple-pinky color that harkens back to a time of roller skating rinks and disco-funk.

On the nose the aromas are mostly reminiscent of Moscato- honey and apricot, but that underlying note of red fruit is a hint of what's to come. On the palate the tiny bubbles deliver scrumptious red fruit and a luscious lip-smacking sweetness. Man, I'm getting thirsty just writing this review. Another reason this wine is perfect for Valentine's Day- it is absolutely awesome with chocolate. That's right, we don't mess around here at VINE-YL. So if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you kind find this wonderful wine, be sure to surprise your love with a bottle of this on Sunday. And, if you don't have a love, buy yourself a bottle and treat yourself to the next best thing.