All VINE-YL music recommendations come exclusively from LPs in our own collection. We rip all music selections ourselves at 320kbs for sample purposes only for music that is rare, out of print, or hard to find in digital formats. Please purchase the full albums for yourself as they become available on eMusic, iTunes, or the record labels' websites. Or better yet, seek out the original vinyl and start your own collection. Pardon any technical glitches in the vinyl-to-digital transfer; we are always updating our efforts and will re-up better versions as we go along.

All listed wines we have sampled personally (this job is so demanding!). All recommendations and opinions are our own and do not reflect any corporate sponsorship.

We hope to constantly update/improve the site as we go, with new entries on a weekly basis. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN! If you have a request for a record or a particular wine ($10-$30 range, please) that you would like to see paired, send us an email to We can't make any promises but we will certainly do our best... Or if you like what you see, send us a note to

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